SWATI AG has been set up in the canton of Zug in 2019, with a vision to engage with European innovation for the world. To facilitate as a golden triangle between credible Indian Manufacturing, European Innovation & Global markets.

Our business has two main pillars. The first is, world class manufacturing spread between Indian cost-effective high credibility platform and cutting edge technology & research out of Germany. The second pillar being intelligent business models diversifying risks between large volume key pharmaceutical ingredients to strategic product portfolio of steroids and high potency hormones, to repurposing of drugs which give access to huge global markets and growth potentials. With its fully backward integrated platforms of starting material & key intermediates to fully forward integrated to finished dosages, clinical studies and brand selling, we have the perfect balance of risk mitigation and high growth.

Our prime focus are the highly regulated markets like EU, USA, Japan as well as hugely rewarding large complex markets like China, Russia, Brazil. These markets give a high adrenaline boost in profit potential. Our facilities and compliances are in line with US FDA, EDQM & Japanese PMDA, which covers almost all global market compliances.